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Judy Blume finally said yes. Fremon Craig said Blume was the author who made her fall in love with books "and by extension, film." She called reading the book "a right of passage for women and.

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To celebrate Judy Blume turning 80, a slew of celebs are gathering at Symphony Space to celebrate the iconic author. Samantha Bee, Tavi Gevinson, "Difficult People" star Julie Kausner, "Glee" alum.

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Letters come in huge padded envelopes, sometimes as many as 2,000 a month. Mostly they are from girls; usually they are 9 to 14 years old and what they are writing about is their deepest doubts, their.

When I was a kid I loved to read Judy Blume books: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Blubber, Deenie, Freckle Juice, Superfudge. They addressed themes and issues other books I was reading at the time.

. one of the country’s most beloved children’s authors has her fans wondering which of her books will get the Hollywood treatment. Superfudge author Judy Blume asked her Twitter followers "which of.

Judy Blume has. ve gone to school with," Blume says. Blume is generous with her time and her talent. Her website,, includes tips for aspiring authors and candid accounts of her days.

Award-winning author Sarah Webb is also the Family and Children. I guess I’m hoping for another Judy Blume moment! Live literature events make books come alive for children and teenagers. It’s not.

It’s been nearly 50 years since US author Judy Blume published her groundbreaking. "It was the summer before I started sixth grade and the book blew my pre-adolescent mind," she says. "[Blume’s].

The women, and even a few men, of so many ages line the hallway of her publisher’s ­offices, waiting to hold her hand, to claim an autograph, to envelop themselves in her latest work. To them, she is.

In 2013, Price returned to Macmillan Children’s Books in the communications director role, working closely with authors and.

“Once upon a time, there were lots of picture books for children but not many stories for young-adult readers,” The Wall Street Journal’s Brenda Cronin writes. “Then along came Judy Blume. In the.

Judy Blume tops the charts as the best-selling author of children’s books today. Many younsters read and reread her books with an insatiable appetite that has sent sales soaring into the millions. Her.

has written 18 books about kids in Appalachia. lesbian romance with a bit of sexuality.” The author points to other.

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The list of great books that haven’t yet been adapted is, of course, even longer than that. The stories of Judy Blume, for instance. it’s not difficult to see an author as popular as Blume produce.

Tiger Eyes was my favorite Judy Blume book. I read it over and over again—so many times that my mom bought me several copies. I hadn’t lost my father to a violent death, but he was absent, and had.

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Author Judy Bloom’s books have sold more than 85 million copies. But in the meantime we’re guessing a whole bunch of dog-eared Judy Blume books will be coming out of retirement again. If you’ve got.

In honor of Judy Blume’s 80th birthday, NPR broadcast an interview with the author, in which she weighed in on the #MeToo movement and whether or not she was able to separate art from the artist.

Now it is almost ready for you to read. Excited! #InTheUnlikelyEvent — Judy Blume (@judyblume) December 15, 2014 The author is well known for iconic adolescent books like.