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During a recent gathering, one member stated that she’d noticed her old copy of Jane Austen’s “Emma” and decided to reread it.

The Oscars might have shut out female directors this year, but 2020 is still a promising year for women in film.

February 21: The newest adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma is released. July 15: 25 years since the first item was sold on Amazon. July 21: Chelsea Manning’s untitled memoir is published by FSG. July.

There are people who every year reread “The Lord of the Rings” or Jane Austen’s six novels or the complete adventures of.

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The five-parter is due Friday on Amazon. “Sex Education” Season two proves the. “Sanditon” Screenwriter Andrew Davies’s.

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Jane Austen at Home, Eliza Rose, A Very British Murder and more. A VERY BRITISH ROMANCE WITH LUCY WORSLEY will stream.

As you head up the drive towards it, Langley Park looks like the serene honey-stone setting for a Jane Austen scene. Inside,

In 2015 the brand commissioned an unusual limited edition collection called "Rock the Ages" to Christine Nagel. Handel in.

"Sanditon" (PBS, Sundays at 9): Jane Austen’s unfinished novel comes to life in an eight-hour miniseries starring. series.

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Early on Joe Wright seemed decidedly destined for Oscar glory after his competent Jane Austen adaptation, ‘Pride & Prejudice‘.

Jane Austen’s novel Emma follows headstrong Emma Woodhouse. Donald Ray Pollock’s 2011 debut is set in post-World War II.

Jane Austen’s funniest heroine gets a new movie that revels in the comedic nature of. He joins Emily Blunt in a quest to.

Amazon Studios has announced the first group of series regulars. 2020 will also see her as ‘Young Jane’ in Craig Robert’s.

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